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Last week grays (Morchella deliciosa or rufobrunnea) were out around the Dubuque area.
This week small yellows (Morchella esculenta) started emerging through the ground cover.
If past experiences hold true, we should have one more good week of grays
Two more weeks of yellows
and next week Bigfoot or Thickfoot Yellows (Morchella crassipes) should start showing up.

Ground cover is growing tall quickly, may have to switch over to the hockey stick to help part the ground cover to see through it. It may sound odd, but actually works really well. With the flick of the wrist you can part 8"-10" of groundcover with the flick of the wrist and turned upside down works well as a walking stick to help on the steep slopes.

Everything seems to be about 7-10 days later than normal this year. Best thing that could happen is we get more moisture between now and the end of the seasons. Worst thing would be that things get windy, dry or hot. 3-4 days in a row over 80 degrees will trigger them to go dormant again.

MioticMush, I'm wondering if you're also tracking your linear regression variables by species? They do seem to have different seasons and condition requirements. I'd be interested in any information you can share with us.

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