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Tazewell County

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Been out a few times around signs of any yet,,Mayapples very small...Ground cold &wet under the leaf cover.Not looking good ....
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I was out in the Bloomington area the past couple days. Haven't found anything yet. I'm planning on going out Friday after the rain. The temperatures next week don't look good!
Strange..Ground dry on top..still wet under leaf cover.. no sign of any greys whatsoever sofar,
.thinking maybe worst year ever..and the last 5 yrs have been nothing to write home about !
See if these pics will work. Found these tiny guys in Tazewell on 4/23 (I kid you not). But not a thing since. Left them to grow, and they haven't much.
Just checked my spot in tazewell county and nothing mayapples are 10 to 11 inches should be good mid next week
This is turning out to be the worst year ever....nothing anywhere I have looked..have found a total of 6 very tiny greys
Just got in from 3 hr. hike near Morton. Nothing, Nada, Zip. Too chilly.
I just searched for 2 hours in the Bloomington area didn't come up with anything. the moisture is there but it's too cool. Now the ground cover is getting thicker and I'm afraid it's going to be even harder to spot them when it does warm up.
woods was wet & cold..not much change from yesterday
Whoa, slow down on the 'worst year ever' talk. There is no set schedule for morels. They are dependant on ground temps and moisture. This was the coldest winter on record in 35 years! The Great Lakes are still mostly frozen over. Our spring is just running late. In fact, we are set up for one of the best years ever!! With last year's drought and a hard freeze winter, there are a lot of suffering trees out there. Morels will take advantage of it. The season in Tazewell is just now getting started. The next three weeks are going to be epic! Just look at the loads they are finding south of us. Yes, it's unusual to not be finding them in the last week of April but that doesn't mean anything. As soon as our weather warms up just slightly, they will be out in droves!
Nice finds Wylie! I gave up on Sunnyland woods. Too many other hunters down there and over picked. It's always first come first serve so I found a new hole last year. I found more in new spot in 3 days than I found in Sunnyland in 4 years. Looks like you are doing well though! Good luck and happy hunting.
Yeah I got lucky, I think that area is definitely over picked. But I think it is a good start, I was starting to get discouraged and loose hope. I have not found any in my honey hole yet. I am guessing this coming up week is going to be some prime picking though. Temps are supposed to reach 70-80 degrees.
found 8 little greys in woodford county last night and as for it not being a good year is yet to be discoverd i went from finding 40 to 50 pounds every year to 3 or 4 pounds the last 3 years so it can be a hit or miss deal ya just never know but i do know this the tree's don't even have a full canopy yet and there is little to no vegitation in the woods yet
It'll be a good year, just got a late start is all!
Definitely a slow start! Saw lots of cars by the woods I tried last year before going into work yesterday. Pretty sure im not gonna have luck finding any soon. I just need to befriend a farmer ! Lol
my cousin lives there and definitely knows farmers. SHe just texted me, and she has a whole darn bag of them! I am soooooo jealous!
Took my daughter out with me this morning in creve coeur. Found 2 in 2 hours...dont know if I should be excited or disappointed
things are startin to pick up just pulled about a lb on my lunch
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