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Texas County 2014 Morel Hunt Update

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Went out today with my wife and so far zero mushrooms. We walked about 4 miles up and down souther slopes and in creek beds. Did have some rain the last few days, if the temps heat up and we get some more rain, I hope to see some next week. Did not take soil temp.
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Hi Shell and Vibrant,
I am 2 counties east of you in Wayne Co. Missouri. I am going out today to check see how the woods are looking. Will be back on the board tonight and give you any reports I find. We should hit around the same time as you all over in Texas Co. our environment is pretty similar. I have high rolling hills with rocky creek bottom land and also farm bottom land where we put our game plots to look in. Good luck guys....
Hey Guys,
I was out and put some miles down today. It is still like winter woods. Nothing coming up on the hills, rocky bottoms or around our game plots in the fields. Tons of leaf litter and it is nice nd moist under it. There are some trees just budding and a little grass coming up in the south facing and sunny places. A whole lot of wild garlic/onion-not ramps. It was incredibly beautiful and nice to be outside though. I did find a really great 8 point shed with only a small chip which when my dad seen it, he promptly wanted lol. I have to teach class's tomm. but will be back at it Wed. if I can down in the swamps in Stoddard. I am off for a week next week. I hope they start somewhere. I agree with it probably being more than a week before anything even gets going, but who knows with the amazing little creatures, the elusive morel. Kindest regards...
Vibrant and Shell, if you have time check out this video on youtube. It is called morel mushroom hunter; a son shares his fathers passion. These old guys share some great stories and some wisdom, like what the tops of elm trees look like. May we all live to hunt so long and have such great finds as these gentlemen did. Anyway it is something cool to even watch with the family while we wait for them to pop.
The weather is looking scary but seriously nice for you guys and me to get a pop out next week. Boorah! Lots of rain and warm weather.
I did see one dead black snake on the Co road today and my Grandpa always said after the first spring storm with loud thunder and lightning it wakes them all up real good. I don't care lol. Bring the snakes if the shrooms come with them..
Take care
Hey Shell and Vibrant,
Did you guys see the Current Finds section on the site Morel Mushroom Hunting Dot Com? They found them in Branson and a few other places in dry creek beds on April 1st. I would say after this storm front pass's we may be into some little blacks or grays. LOL I am so happy. I am off for 8 days after today. I will be out there. Cold front for us next week will make them grow slower probably but it's ok cause it will be a longer season maybe. Regards..
I looked back on your posts and see where you posted your address. You are in Texas the *State*... This is a thread for Texas a *County* in southern Missouri. You indicated that you are close to the gulf. Therefore you need to go to the top of this page where it says "Message Boards" and click on it. When it opens then click on the state of Texas and that is where you will find threads with information about your state.
I worked down there for a few years and was at the Naval Air Station at Corpus Christi for a while but never hunted Morels down there. I understand that the kinds of trees and environment is totally different down there. If I was you I would search this site, the web and also look on Youtube. Kindest regards and best of luck.
Hey Shell,
Did you see on Chris Matherly's site "Morel Mushroom Hunting dot com" on the progression map the ones he reported being found in south east MO? I saw that there are about 5 finds but no photo's.
I am like you, I have looked a lot but our woods up here in the hills are pretty much more like winter than spring. There are now some Wild Plum blooming but no Redbud yet. I was going to go after church but family thing came up. I am going tomorrow though. I am not a pro like some of these guys but I do try really hard lol
One cool thing I saw on the way to the fire dept. yesterday was a fully mature bald eagle and 2 young ones on our farm. My nephew was fishing and said they saw 4 adults and the 2 young ones later. They surely are something beautiful to see.
Hey Vibrant and Shell, I saw some of the photo's on the other site (morel mushroom hunting dot com) There were multiple reports of false morels and photos of them. What do you guys think about them as in, do you think morels come up where they do? only later? Do you think they always come before the morels?
And what do you think about people eating them? My brother and his wife who are both pretty tough and state corrections officers eat them... And they do not hurt them at all, in fact they prefer them over morels. I would not eat one at all but they always ask me to give them the ones I find. I have found them nearly as big as soft balls near this old sawmill site on the St. Francis river, but no morels within several hundred yards.
It's raining and cold here today in the hills. Old man winter is stubbornly hanging on. We were going to fix a gate cable and put up cameras where people have been trespassing but are going to put it off. Trespassers cost us money and time and hard work. Plus they throw their junk down in the beautiful woods. OK I will be quite on that one. Later guys. Hopefully we will have some morels frying up for our family soon....
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Hey guys I was out in the rain yesterday morning lol. I know, no one can say I don't try. Plum trees are blooming up here in the hills but still no may apples up or trillium. The ground under the leaf litter is really nice and moist. Just prime. I found some amber Jelly Roll/Witches Butter and some beautiful Turkey Tail mushroom clusters.
You won't believe how they got that big cable down. They run thru it with their vehicle.. It was clamped to an oak on one side and locked with a chain on the other side with a post in the middle. They ran thru it and of course the chain broke but they went over the post and bent it and drug it right out of the ground. Incredible. And then when I was in the woods I found about 10 trees back there marked with ribbon!. I took it all down and set up some cameras. What a drag. We still haven't got the cable fixed. They tore down our purple tape signs but I am putting them back up and we have decided to do some things and then have them prosecuted. What is bad is that there is thousands and thousands of acres of National forest all around here that anybody can go on. So when I am off work and could be hunting and fishing I have to do this instead. OK I am done griping for a while lol
Good luck guys, let me know how it's going over there.
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Hey Shellkicker, Good luck on your hunt. I am getting ready to head out into the woods myself. Hey, could you get me the names of those camera systems or model numbers etc? I sure would appreciate it. Thanks
Happyhippies, The best thing to do now is learn your trees and just get out there and lay down some miles looking. If they are not up yet in your hills (which are similar to mine) they soon will be. Good luck.
Thanks Shell, I appreciate that. We don't have any cell service out here but it is a place to start.
My day was a lot like yours. No morels. No false morels. I covered a lot of ground. I am going to hit some bottom land tomorrow morning, down in Stoddard Co. There were little May apples down there several days ago. It is the latest year for me I think. Usually I have at least a few during the first week of April. We only have wild plum in bloom here so far but some budding going on with some other trees. I mowed my yard and noticed my Lilac bush is budding out real nice and so is the Forsythia. Also a baby snake in the grass.
Good luck to everyone and thanks again Shell for the info...
I went to some great places yesterday. It was nearly 75 degrees here and just gorgeous. There are May Apples coming up on the lowland creek bottoms as well as Bloodroot and Wild Sweet William, and some Redbuds blooming. Some grasses coming up as well, but no morels... lol ... Very slow start in the Eastern Ozarks. But, I could almost sense them yesterday. I have to work the next 6 days, but they should be in full swing by then. Can't wait until my work is over next Thursday.
LOL WTG Vibrant... First find of the eastern hill counties... Were they on hilltops, ridges, bottoms, etc? Trying to ascertain where to start first. Were there many oaks, cedars or pines in the area? They sort of look like blondes. I am wondering if we have entirely skipped over the blacks and grays. Thanks and Great JOB...
OK shroomers, for inspiration go to the Arkansas message board and click on 2014 and go to the last page and see what Glassman pulled out of the woods yesterday 4-12-14, south and west of us in Yell Co. AR. One of the nicest motherloads I have seen this year near us. I have never heard anyone say they got tired of picking morels and quit lol... Maybe soon they will be moving north to us!
Vibrant WTG.. And I do not think the freeze will much affect us because probably 99% of our morels are tiny babies or still underground. Also, we have the benefit of our very thick leaf litter covering the ground (and the morels) in most places. It will act as great insulation against the freeze or frost. Also the sunshine and heat will warm up the surface very quickly in the mornings. While I am not a biologist or anything I am a hillbilly woman of 49 who has been gardening and gathering herbs in these hills and mountains all my life as did generations of my family before me. In the past I have always protected tender young plants that were several inches above ground from hard freezes and frosts with just thin plastic jugs or old buckets. Maybe I am being hopeful or over optimistic but I still think we are going to have a banner year! lol
I kind of thought this would happen because my horses still have a heavy winter coat and that is very unusual.
Well, I am also a nurse and have to work thru Thurs. or Friday so keep me posted as I can't be out in the woods too much. Good luck to all.
Morel Maniac.. That recipe sounds just amazing! I will tweek the spice and filling a little but it makes me very hungry.. Thanks
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Hey Vibrant and Shell,
How are you guys making out over there? Very, very poor here. Weirdest season I have seen in a long time. A month ago I would have told you it will be a banner year, but not now, at least for me anyway. When I could hunt I didn't find any and now I have nasty pneumonia : ( ... Anyway, hope you guys are making out better. Sure would like to hear that someone in the hills is killing it. And see some pics. As for me, a great young man north of here is going to hook me up. I will post when he does. Kindest regards
Hey Vibrant,
I hope you find a truckload of morels. Yes, we have other species. A lot of chanterelles usually and in the fall a major abundance of the coral kind which I love fried. I don't really eat any other kinds. There is a lot of other mushrooms. Tons of turkey tails and others. Take good care and thanks...
ps If you get a good haul post pics. At least I can see some lol
Hey Shell,
It's all good you know lol. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours and for me this year a drought. Now I am focusing on Ginseng. I had no idea how much it is worth and I know where literally hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of plants are. It looks like Christmas money... I know how to do sustainable harvest and replant the seeds in the fall when I hunt. My uncle Levi (who taught me) found one of the largest roots ever found in Missouri. The univ. of Missouri came down to look at it. Now I am excited again lol
Well, you can sell it at Ellington and at Perryville and I heard there is a guy who buys it in Jackson. Also some town called Eolia? Go to the Wildgrown website and it gives you their number and address. However, it is illegal to buy it or sell it right now. It is not in season. Kindest regards.
Hi Shell,
I sent you an email about some stuff on it and here is some stuff I would like to share about it. First, let me say that there are many folks who know more than me but I would like to share this. OK, first go on youtube and on the internet and learn everything you can. It is common looking, nothing fancy about it so it doesn't stand out. I would be happy to show you and your wife if ever we could meet up. Yes, it is very important to dig the entire root because buyers from asia believe in mystical things about all its parts and pay a LOT more money for whole roots, even the fibers below the legs of the root. You can only dig from Sept 1 to March 15 in Missouri I think but MDC has the rules on it. And sell from Sept. 15 to March 15 I think. It is ILLEGAL to hunt on all of Mark Twain I think. And an enormous fine if they catch you.
Shell, our hills with their hardwood forests produce some excellent Seng and very potent. I had no idea how much they are paying us for it.
OK, never take it before the berries turn red around the end of August thru Sept. or it can't ever grow back. When you find it, never take a plant that is too young or little with less than 3 prongs in MO, I think 4 prongs in some states. When you find one with red berries, just gently mash the berry and replant the seeds right around your plant. I go about a foot or so and an inch or two. Never ever take the whole patch. We used to take one third and then many more will come up and you can hunt the patch about every year or two. I hope everyone reading this will please only harvest it in a sustainable way or someday we will not any seng any more. It's happened in a lot of states. The hunters greed for the money and no care for the plant has made it nearly extinct in places.
Never take pictures of your plants with cell phones or fancy new cameras and publish them on the internet because they have gps tracking and someone will come and get your roots. I would bank on it. Check the laws but I am not sure if MO requires a permit to hunt on public land. My hunting will be on private so it doesn't require a permit.
China is absolutely crazy for our wild ginseng since they have hunted theirs to near extinction and my mouth fell open when I saw what they are willing to do to get it.
It really is easy to find, easier than morels in my opinion and your country and all the counties around us are prime for some of the best seng out there. You should start now finding the plants, you and your wife, and learning everything you can Shell, then when the fall comes I gaurentee you guys will be on it!
We are having a dinner and a cemetery meeting after church today and when I get home this evening I will try to send you some info I like by the email message. Kindest regards...
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