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Texas County 2014 Morel Hunt Update

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Went out today with my wife and so far zero mushrooms. We walked about 4 miles up and down souther slopes and in creek beds. Did have some rain the last few days, if the temps heat up and we get some more rain, I hope to see some next week. Did not take soil temp.
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Thanks for the info! We are on the north Texas line (mark twain area). My wife and I thought it would be too early yet (and thank you again for confirming), it was a great excuse for us to get out looking and exercise :). I will definitely keep you posted on what/when we see sprouts. The walk earned us an in-tact 8 point skull, my guess was that it either died of black tongue, hunting season or coyote/bobcat attack. Perfectly white and very little gnaw marks from the critters. All the flesh and fur gone and looked like someone had already boiled it out. I will now ponder decor ideas for it. Thanks again for the info!
Yes it does! Were on the other side of the river around Slabtown, were probably only 5-7 miles apart as the crow flies. I am always looking to learn from folks (I am not a pro) nor have I found a honey spot yet, but I keep looking. I will keep you up on updates when I start seeing them!
Garden, Thanks offering to keep us in the loop!!! I will do the same if I see something!

Vibrantenergies, I took have spent much time in shannon county! Hauling canoes for the most part! I have some family in that area so that is primarily where I used to get Morels with my Grandpa. Souther Dent upper Shannon line.

I dont know that I have been down that trail in the back of the picnic area but will definitly check it out this year since its right down from the house!
I have been down there, thats the mouth of patty creek. Very nice and yes I knwo what your talking about. Took me a second. Thats where the big bluff is and the creek meets the river.
Thanks for that info, that sounds a lot like our trip. Found deer head, enjoyed the weather, still looks like winter in the woods! I think we will try it again on Thursday. It will still probably be too early but it will be nice to get back outside and enjoy the weather. Will post an update Thursday!! Good luck!
Vibrantenergies, I know what you mean. I have relatives right down the road in pilgrams rest. Is Jeff still at Shannondale? Havent seen him in years but would see him on the gravel bar at pulltite when we were hauling canoes. Been to a few weddings at Shannondale. Small world!
Garden, Good stuff! Its really awesome to be able to spot the type of tree with no leaves. It can be a challenge just looking at bark. I know you can definitely make a determination based on limb pattern, the way the roots look and the bark. I will add this to my memory as I go out searching. If someone else is driving or I am walking, I always try to determine the various types of trees, I struggle because some are hard to tell apart with no leaves.

Black snakes are good to have around, my wife make me haul the ones we see off. I tried to tell her they take care of mice, rats etc, but she wont have it. LOL
Toolman, The elusive Morel only grows in certain areas with all the right conditions (I MEAN EVERYTHING HAS TO BE RIGHT). This is the reason why they are so sought after. To my knowledge you cannot replicate it in a greenhouse or non wild conditions. There might be some in the eastern part of texas, not sure about the dry parts. You will find them around dying or deal Elms Ash and even other hardwoods like Oaks. I am not a pro at finding them but the timing has to be right and you have to be consistent when the conditions are right. Good place is in creek or river bottoms, along fence rows down at my uncles farm is where we used to find a lot of them. I hope this helps.
Update: I stopped and talked to a neighbor on the way home in the creek bed to ask if he needed help. He said he was mushroom hunting. I then asked if he had any luck and he said not yet.
Update: Checked both Saturday and today. Not seeing anything yet. Covered quite a bit of ground. Reading that they are popping south, shouldn't be long if the temps hold up for us! Will be going again everyday this week to try and locate!

I did look at that map and it appears the growth is heading north! Good news for us. Awesome on the Bald Eagle. My wife and I were leaving our road last winter and saw one flying with a Squirrel in its talons, very low to the road so we got a good look at it!

As far as the false morels go, I just stick with the ones I know are safe. I avoid all things that do not have the very distinctive look of a morel. I love poke salad stalk (when you pull the stringy part, chop it, bread it and fry like okra) but I hear some poke salad is also poisonous. My grandmother grew up in KY so she had all kinds things that she learned to eat as a child. It never hurt me and grandpa loved it too!!
I forgot to add that I think those little buggers are finally growing. I don't have any evidence to support it other than it just feels right for later this week and this weekend. lol
Garden, I don't know how serious you are about catching those folks but they do sell some long range wireless cameras. The thought is that you can sit at your house, record, and monitor activity on it without constantly needing to go to the location. Thought I would mention that. If someone steals a game cam, they have the evidence, if your writing the video via wireless to a home PC, stealing the camera wont do any good. You have the culprits pictures at your house on your PC where you can conveniently send email to the local sheriffs dpt!!!! Of course range might be an issue depending on how far, how many valleys etc are between you and the spot.
Alright folks. Off work today and heading to cover some ground. I hope to have some pictures for you all when I come back. If not then Ill wait a day or so and hit it again. I hope to see some sprouts!
Garden, I will dig up the makers of those cameras when I get a chance and post it!

Update: Ok today I covered a ton of ground (got the Diesel Ranger out), it made things way easy to cover lots of ground but still did not see any morels. No may apples in the woods but some promising vegetation growth! I did see a few dog woods blooming, that was very nice.
I covered some pretty awesome creek areas, ridges, valleys, and even the woods behind the house. I took my binoculars this time and my two small fuzzy Jack Russell friends. They didn't find anything either. I will go again tomorrow. Were about in the prime time for these but would like to see more promising signs (may apple etc.). I may have overlooked some very small ones, I was just basically scouting my route as well as adding a pretty good seclusive creek that had water in it to my sites to check list. It was so far back in the woods and hard to access, I hope it becomes my honey hole. I also went to a larger creek where folks have been known to look for morels and nothing there either.
I will have to just be consistent and keep on checking. I will try again tomorrow. I did see some other strange mushroom growths but I don't know enough about them to really be sure what they were. It looked like a sponge or something.
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Garden, The first link is a camera (if you have cell service in your area) will send you an MMS alert to phone or laptop when motion is detected. It may actually send the photo right to your mobile device (didn't really read too much on the first one). Kind of the same with second link. The below links should get you started with your research and knowing whats available. There are tons of wireless long range cameras. Some of them go long range from the woods straight to your house via WiFi, the two below sit out in the woods (where hopefully there is cell tower connection) then send straight to your devices. This could possibly allow you to catch someone in the act.
Update: Went out all day today and found a totally new awesome creek area that I didnt even know existed. It has tons of Elm trees and flowing water. Very hard to get to but the Ranger did it with ease. It appears to be a horse riding trail as I ran into a few riders. That did not stop my pursuit. I actually saw lots of May Apples coming up in that valley. No Morels yet. I again covered a huge amount of ground and even checked other creeks and places I had found them before, still nothing. I will skip tomorow and hit it saturday I think. Thats all I have for now!
Awesome find Vibrant!!!! Looks GOOD!! We went again today and hit a creek area with a ton of Elms, nothing. That particular creek bottom does not have much growth yet. I am thinking its because no sunlight. Went up on some ridges but couldnt locate many elms. Tomorrow we will hit the woods hard as I am sure if your finding some they have to be growing somewhere around me. I hope tomorrow brings us some kind of sighting. If so I will snap a picture with date/time and post here. I am getting pretty excited and cant wait to find something. I think I will go back down to that one creek where I saw the may apples at about the same growth of the one in your pic. I will look extra hard around that whole area. Great photos!!
Update: Found tons of Elms in a secluded creek bed, 5 miles off gravel, then another two miles down steep terrain. Many of the Elms had either fallen over or bark falling off. Many were alive and well. May apples everywhere, zero Morels. Going slow for me too. I will wait until Monday and hit it again after the rain tomorrow, maybe I will get lucky. Its slow here too but i know right about the time I dont look they will be popping out. Consistency my friends. LOL. Only those who havent tasted their greatness would wonder why we spend so much time hunting them. :)
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