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Texas County 2014 Morel Hunt Update

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Went out today with my wife and so far zero mushrooms. We walked about 4 miles up and down souther slopes and in creek beds. Did have some rain the last few days, if the temps heat up and we get some more rain, I hope to see some next week. Did not take soil temp.
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i have been down here in tx 4 35years n wondering were a man can find rooms morel type, place n what kind off trees do they grow around...thanks, joe myers from lamarque,tx 77568 close to the gulf
would u tell me if any 1 is having any luck n were ...thanks
i still have not got a answer from were u hunt mushrooms in texas n what kind off tree r best 2 look around..thanks
did i hear that they were about 2 pop up in the houston tx, area
1 - 5 of 89 Posts
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