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Texas County 2014 Morel Hunt Update

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Went out today with my wife and so far zero mushrooms. We walked about 4 miles up and down souther slopes and in creek beds. Did have some rain the last few days, if the temps heat up and we get some more rain, I hope to see some next week. Did not take soil temp.
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Cook up some spicy sausage and then mix that with cream cheese. Stuff your morel, then throw that in an egg wash and some Andy's chicken bredding and throw that in the skillet. YUM, YUM!! My mouth is salivating just typing this.
I found four more baby grays yesterday under the same Elm trees as the first ones a few days earlier. Tonight's freeze might slow them down a bit, but not much I think. It's been pretty warm for several days and it is supposed to warm right back up by Wednesday, so hopefully the morels won't be scared away! I'm going to look today - hopefully I'll find some dinner!
did i hear that they were about 2 pop up in the houston tx, area
Vibrant WTG.. And I do not think the freeze will much affect us because probably 99% of our morels are tiny babies or still underground. Also, we have the benefit of our very thick leaf litter covering the ground (and the morels) in most places. It will act as great insulation against the freeze or frost. Also the sunshine and heat will warm up the surface very quickly in the mornings. While I am not a biologist or anything I am a hillbilly woman of 49 who has been gardening and gathering herbs in these hills and mountains all my life as did generations of my family before me. In the past I have always protected tender young plants that were several inches above ground from hard freezes and frosts with just thin plastic jugs or old buckets. Maybe I am being hopeful or over optimistic but I still think we are going to have a banner year! lol
I kind of thought this would happen because my horses still have a heavy winter coat and that is very unusual.
Well, I am also a nurse and have to work thru Thurs. or Friday so keep me posted as I can't be out in the woods too much. Good luck to all.
Morel Maniac.. That recipe sounds just amazing! I will tweek the spice and filling a little but it makes me very hungry.. Thanks
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Checked my liitle guys by the Elm trees yesterday andx there are now almost TWENTY little morels popping up around them! There is even a two=fer and a couple separate clusters. I walked an Elm and Ash filled creek bottom and didn't find any though. I found some as yet unopened up Devil's Urns and that is a good indicator that it's almost time for the good harvests. IT usually gets into full swing about a week after I see the Urns, so by the beginning of next week, it will be on for sure...
I went out today for about 5 hours, didn't have any luck, get to go again Friday. May apples are starting to sprout right now here.
Good job Vibrant!! Still no sightings here. I haven't been out since Saturday. Waiting a bit for the warm to come back then I will go back to my new found treasure trove of Elms!
Can anybody tell me why it's best to go in the morning?
i can think of only 2 reasons

1) early bird gets the worm .. if you're first in the woods you're less likely to have someone hunt the same spot 4 hours before you

2) the night dew keeps the morels moist... so a morel that's fresh at 8am might not be very fresh at noon.
When you get out in the woods before the sun has crested, there are no shadows, thus making it easier to spot your treasure. This holds true for overcast days as well. Good luck to all !!
Found 3 little greys today, I'd say Monday will give way for alot of morels
I found two nice yellows Saturday and three yesterday. It's definitely the verge of the bigger flushes, but we needed rain although it did rain a bit overnight and hopefully isn't done yet. Let us all know when the BIG finds happen!!
Ok I haven't posted in awhile been working. Found two nice morels today after work, how to post pictures ?? Hmmm
Posted my photos to message board!
I have found just over a hundred nice yellows the past two days! A lot of them were on gentle slopes with large shelves of rock out-croppings. Some were in the creek bottoms as well, but they have yet to produce very many. How's all my neighbors doing?
My son and I took a float on the Current in Dent Co. and found 1 tater sack full ...... so theyre up! Havent gone back since the rain we got Sunday night but that should make conditions supperb. Foundem on a slight slope higher than the sandy loam of the bottoms. Good Luck!
Hey Vibrant and Shell,
How are you guys making out over there? Very, very poor here. Weirdest season I have seen in a long time. A month ago I would have told you it will be a banner year, but not now, at least for me anyway. When I could hunt I didn't find any and now I have nasty pneumonia : ( ... Anyway, hope you guys are making out better. Sure would like to hear that someone in the hills is killing it. And see some pics. As for me, a great young man north of here is going to hook me up. I will post when he does. Kindest regards
Bummer Garden! I have been imagining my fellow hillpeople finding big piles, not sitting home majorly sick!

I have found far fewer on my land this season than the last two years, but it hasn't been disastrous. A few previously reliable spots didn't do squat though! I have checked a few creek beds lined with old Elm trees and been skunked in at least half the spots I've explored. When I got to each spot and checked out the trees, ground cover, etc., they looked like prime spots, but they were anything but!

I'm not complaining though, and the season isn't totally over, although I bet there's a lot of dried up unfound morels out now. Not sure if we have too much longer, but I will keep looking until there is no more sign of morels!

Get wrll, Garden! Have you ever hunted these hills for other species? I find tons of four or five different species every year, and would be happy to teach others how to do the same! The chanterelles were especially plentiful last year!

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