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Texas County 2014 Morel Hunt Update

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Went out today with my wife and so far zero mushrooms. We walked about 4 miles up and down souther slopes and in creek beds. Did have some rain the last few days, if the temps heat up and we get some more rain, I hope to see some next week. Did not take soil temp.
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Hey Vibrant,
I hope you find a truckload of morels. Yes, we have other species. A lot of chanterelles usually and in the fall a major abundance of the coral kind which I love fried. I don't really eat any other kinds. There is a lot of other mushrooms. Tons of turkey tails and others. Take good care and thanks...
ps If you get a good haul post pics. At least I can see some lol
anyone findin any still in texas or pulaski? im gonna go hit a spot that we found a pound of whites last Saturday hopefully a big mess of yellows this Saturday. Good luck to all you other hunters be safe and ill post pics
Garden, sorry to hear about the bad luck. I've had a bit of a slow season. I'll find one or two then walk lots
And not see a thing. It seems to be sporadic for me this year. I did get to eat a few so not complaining.
I hope you find some stragglers. I may go look today if I can get my choirs done.
Hey Shell,
It's all good you know lol. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours and for me this year a drought. Now I am focusing on Ginseng. I had no idea how much it is worth and I know where literally hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of plants are. It looks like Christmas money... I know how to do sustainable harvest and replant the seeds in the fall when I hunt. My uncle Levi (who taught me) found one of the largest roots ever found in Missouri. The univ. of Missouri came down to look at it. Now I am excited again lol
Well, you can sell it at Ellington and at Perryville and I heard there is a guy who buys it in Jackson. Also some town called Eolia? Go to the Wildgrown website and it gives you their number and address. However, it is illegal to buy it or sell it right now. It is not in season. Kindest regards.
Garden, my wife and I spoke about digging ginsing. I know nothing about it but am very excited to look this year. What does it look like? What is the season? Do you dig the whole root? I am brand new to it but saw a show where they were digging it up and I got excited. I'll do some research on it.
Hi Shell,
I sent you an email about some stuff on it and here is some stuff I would like to share about it. First, let me say that there are many folks who know more than me but I would like to share this. OK, first go on youtube and on the internet and learn everything you can. It is common looking, nothing fancy about it so it doesn't stand out. I would be happy to show you and your wife if ever we could meet up. Yes, it is very important to dig the entire root because buyers from asia believe in mystical things about all its parts and pay a LOT more money for whole roots, even the fibers below the legs of the root. You can only dig from Sept 1 to March 15 in Missouri I think but MDC has the rules on it. And sell from Sept. 15 to March 15 I think. It is ILLEGAL to hunt on all of Mark Twain I think. And an enormous fine if they catch you.
Shell, our hills with their hardwood forests produce some excellent Seng and very potent. I had no idea how much they are paying us for it.
OK, never take it before the berries turn red around the end of August thru Sept. or it can't ever grow back. When you find it, never take a plant that is too young or little with less than 3 prongs in MO, I think 4 prongs in some states. When you find one with red berries, just gently mash the berry and replant the seeds right around your plant. I go about a foot or so and an inch or two. Never ever take the whole patch. We used to take one third and then many more will come up and you can hunt the patch about every year or two. I hope everyone reading this will please only harvest it in a sustainable way or someday we will not any seng any more. It's happened in a lot of states. The hunters greed for the money and no care for the plant has made it nearly extinct in places.
Never take pictures of your plants with cell phones or fancy new cameras and publish them on the internet because they have gps tracking and someone will come and get your roots. I would bank on it. Check the laws but I am not sure if MO requires a permit to hunt on public land. My hunting will be on private so it doesn't require a permit.
China is absolutely crazy for our wild ginseng since they have hunted theirs to near extinction and my mouth fell open when I saw what they are willing to do to get it.
It really is easy to find, easier than morels in my opinion and your country and all the counties around us are prime for some of the best seng out there. You should start now finding the plants, you and your wife, and learning everything you can Shell, then when the fall comes I gaurentee you guys will be on it!
We are having a dinner and a cemetery meeting after church today and when I get home this evening I will try to send you some info I like by the email message. Kindest regards...
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