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This was a long time ago (Spring-Summer of 2011), but I was able to go morel hunting for the very first time. I was with a group of friends from boarding school up in the Naples, Idaho area. We all went to the same boarding school and were on a week long camping/cabin trip not too far away - well, maybe an hour and a half away from Naples & Sandpoint, but I can't remember which direction. We were going through the woods on a hike when one of the teachers found a morel. There were only 2 teachers and 6 of us on this trip, so we had some freedom to use our time how the group wanted. The teacher explained what a morel is, why they are rare, etc. We went morel hunting for the next 2 hours!

Soon after starting we all began to find morels. At first it was just 1-2 at a time, but before long we were finding 3-4 at a time. These woods were prime time for morels. The amount of trees, fallen wood, hillsides, good soil, and recent weather were literally perfect. I didn't know all of that at the time, but after doing more hunting years after I realized that I had probably found the most ideal stretch of mountains for morels in Idaho... like the mother load. In just 2 hours we went away with around 1-2 cups of morels EACH and this was with all of us having to head in the same direction through the woods on our hike, not too far apart, and not really even targeting specific trees.

We soaked them for a bit, but less than 1 hour and then cooked them up. We didn't even add any sauce or anything - we just ate them plain. That was the first time I even willingly ate a mushroom, and I'm so glad it was a morel.

Anyways, yeah, I just wanted to post this story here because I just joined yesterday as a hunter in Connecticut, but noticed Idaho's forum was pretty empty. There are 100% DEFINITELY a lot of morels you can find in Idaho.
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