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    I do not normally become a member of anything, but Hello to all my fellow foragers. I have been picking since 1970, I am Czech/Russian but born in the USA. Mushrooms are in my DNA. Morels are OK, please don't hurt me, but for pure volume late summer thru fall is the best. I used to study timber rattlesnakes near Highland, WI, still go every May for the last 30 years, they are amazing. I am also fortunate to have Chef friends in and around Milwaukee where I live so selling my harvest is a breeze. So this is my edible picking list. Ramps, cattails, burdock root, thistle stems, Wild Ginger(not actual ginger), trout Lilly flowers, stinging nettle, sun chokes, black trumpets, chanterelles, blewits, various agarics, boletes, fiddle heads, watercress, sulphur shelf, giant and gem puffballs, honey mushrooms, shaggies, velvet foots, lions mane, oysters, coral shrooms, entoloma abortivum(deer mushrooms), etc. So cattails right now yank the shoots peel a couple layers off, boil or sauté the white-ish part, when the heads turn green and hard collect and boil till fork tender, tastes like corn. In the fall dig up the tubers before the freeze and enjoy like you would a potato. I have picked and sold 3 pounds of Milw. Morels these past couple days, I even sell my ramps for 10 dollars a pound, 2 stores near me sell them for 20 a pound. I sold a maitake last fall to a very well known restaurant for 100 bucks. So get out there shroomers and have fun. God Bless you and hug a tick today.
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