They're here!!!! 100 found today in 4 hours. . tiring..

Discussion in 'Kansas' started by lawrencemorelhunter, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. lawrencemorelhunter

    lawrencemorelhunter Young Morel

    Went out at 9am got done around 1pm, found 100 morels! Some really REALLY nice ones, and some looked like they had been there for a couple of days already. This amount found "mopping up" from where someone already had been in the past day or two. I gotta get back to the kitchen to fry some up... It's on!

    Kevin (Lawrencemorelhunter)
  2. slick22

    slick22 Young Morel

    Found my first 2 morels today ever, question did not find them where I thought I would. Grass next trees away from waterway. Are draws a good place to look. If i found 2 about 10 ft apart what is the area to find more in. Just looking for some advice. thought supposed to be in river beds