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they are not poppin"

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Have done quite a bit of calling my peeps. As far as I see the ground has not warmed enough to warrant any morels yet anywhere in Minnesota. Sure , there has been plenty of moisture, but that just one piece of the equation. Need some sun and warmth and lots of tick spray. Good luck all!!!
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I assure you woodman, they are poppin. I cleaned my first takes last night. Mostly Greys, but did stumble onto an area with some almost past prime yellows that were "rusty". Those were in a meadowy area with a couple dead elms in the middle. I picked maybe 30 mushrooms total and left about that many to grow in the two spots I checked. Good luck, they are out there.
Woodman, I live in Brooklyn Park, and don't have time to drive far during the week. That's all I can say.
Also, I hunt primarily private property, but will hit public stuff from time to time. Not if there are 10 vehicles surrounding it though! Or one vehicle with 10 people getting out!! Or if there is fresh, human sign (boot tracks around trees, fresh trash, sunflower seeds, cig butts, crap like that!). I know most on here are friends of nature, but please everyone, keep your trash out of the woods!!
DLP, I know you buddy!! Why didn't you just ask me? I've picked all three subspecies up there. If you were patient your little blacks would be medium blacks then bigger blacks. Talk to you soon
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