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They are out!!!!!

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Found around 4 pounds in Northeast,Ne. Wasn't ready to hunt,but i saw a lady post her find on facebook. Shit is real people. They are there...and i saw plenty of them. I'll be out after work.
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MIKE??????? PLEASE>>>> fosho? i dont like the haters.
Mike I don't doubt it. there are always some that come a week before the big flush. You did well last year. Hope you kill them again.
M IKE i think your rite on. u no whats up great job packman! MY wife is going in the AM shes goob at finding shroomz GOOD LUCK GOD BLESS
I hate to give the proof. If you don't believe, go to my facebook page.Michael Anson.....i'll put up one photo just to tease.
Yep Sure Are!! That Lady Was Me, Theresa Jeff Schreck On Facebook, Go Check Us Out!! Thanks For Letting Everyone Know We Could'nt Get To The Maps Earlier, We Were Out Hunting!! We Set A Record Last Night In The Snow, It Looks To Be A Fruitful Season!!
Pack man is your proof the photo of you in a blue shirt holding a bag of morels? If so nice pick...
That's her...thanks for getting my butt of the couch, Morel King N Queen. I think we have some believers.Finally. Get out there kids and have some fun, What was cool onTheresa's video was you could see snow coming down while they were finding them
I live near Omaha and didn't see any today. Happy Hunting!!
Hey mike I thought you were going to post a pic on your FB of the 4 lbs you found!
Pack man is the proof of 4 lbs the pic of you holding up a bag in your kitchen?
They are out. Just found 4. Biggest was the size of my finger nail. East central Nebraska.
Going out today w/ the kiddos, hopefully we get some, its quite exciting w/ the kids.....
Well mike according to your photo you posted on facebook as "PROOF"... There is just one itty bitty problem... You posted that picture on February 14th of this year.
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