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For all my fellow human beings that are salivating & about to crawl out of their skin, be patient a few more days. The last 3 days of slow soaking moisture will do tremendous things for this coming week. The little greys are ready to pop. We just need a few days of some temps in the lower 70's and the game begins.
On another more serious note, I read an interesting article about 2 new tick borne viruses. One back east called the 'Powassan Virus' sounds pretty bad, but one a little closer to us, called the 'Bourbon Virus', is very nasty. It was responsible for the death of a guy down in Kansas. It sounds like deer ticks are the carriers. I suggest to all that you research these to viruses. They both sound a whole lot worse than Lyme Disease. Sounds like some new kind of devilry unleashed by ISIS! Take all the nessecary precautions and be vigilant!
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