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Tippecanoe County... big yelas i got the fever

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first time out in the woods this year. went to my gray spot 8 monster yellows didnt expect it 27 been hunting all my life all i found time to hit ur big spots south hillside all around one elm americus indiana.. also new to the page check my picks n good pickin
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Found over 100 small yellows in Montgomery county this week!
Congrats guys on ur finds. I can finally get out again tomorrow. Shrumster it ain't easy uploading photos, people that Facebook and all that can prob help ya
yeah the walking stick im hunting several of my dads honey holes all over Tippecanoe ,fountain counties still nothing no blacks no grays I really honestly don't think they have started in our area ... no expert but they haven't or id have found some I believe with the way the foliage is growing its gonna be a killer yeller season ....Btw my pics are on my fb and on this page under photos monster yellows it was kinda a year like this done any good brother? let me know if so what counties and good luck my fellow shrooner!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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