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Tips for hunting in St. Croix county?

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Hello, this is only my second year mushroom hunting. I live in hudson in st. Croix county. I did not grow up in hudson so I am not well versed on the area. By no means am I asking where to go but but if someone has any tips on this area that would be great. I have only tried the nearby state park. Advice welcome
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Chelina, welcome to the valley. Yes that park gets pounded hard,but there are loads of areas within 1/2 hour of hudson.
Head on up to Fleet Farm, and ask them for a 2015 Wis DNR trout regulation pamphlet, it's got a map of all the trout streams by county. Trout streams almost always have foot accessibility, Apple river, ten mile creek, Willow & the kinnincanic,Rush river, ect..... all good spots, plus we always cross the boarder into Minn and raid them cause nobody over there seems to ever be out. Have a GRAND season & good luck.
oldelm don't make me drive all that way! lol Anywho some one posted the schrooms are ahead of the trees. That's how I'm seeing it here.The lilacometer is way off this year.
Thanks so much OldElm! great advice, exactly what I needed. Also what time of day do you like going hunting? I found I could see them best around 7am, but I am curious. Buckthornman, what is the lilacometer?
Chelina, I like hunting them anytime of day, but morning are best cause the Ticks are slower then. :wink: Buckthorn was referring to the lilac's blooming, which is one sign people use to gauge when the flush is in its prime. We have a whole bag of tricks/customs to use. # 1 is to be out there often, and hit lots & lots of different places. Have you been out yet? Hint ramps are up & decent size, no fiddle heads yet.
Yeah I went out about a week ago just to a local park to scout a future location, will be going out Tuesday for ramps. Thanks for all the info. Now I know where to go to ask questions! Best of luck!
Hey Old Elm, when in your opinion will they start to hit in Twin cities metro area? Buckthorn, tree in last 2 days really started to leaf out alot, looking better. Will have to check the lilacometer myself.
Old elm how bout Little brown Bird with the long beekometer:) had one in the yard yesterday.:):)
Lilacometer said last year this time already pick in.
Yes old elm. I,'ve been studying the lilac theory for long time. No fiddles here either.
Old elm, are you saying you watch ramps as a morel indicator? Ramps are looking great here in Polk County! Noticed the lilacs at my place are just starting to bud. I'm getting excited :)
Chelina, if you want company tmrrw(Tues) let me know?, as I'm planning on being out for awhile in the A.M.
Thanks OldElm! But I have a ramp foraging date with my sweetie planned
Chelin, it ought to be perfect timing, can't wait to cook up a batch. Have fun & enjoy. Post some pictures of your haul.
The best way to post pictures is thru Photobucket. Load your Photos in, then copy the HTML Code and and paste it to your comment.

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So I make these. Thought you guys would enjoy them. They were a special order for a customer.
Those are great, of course the morel is my FAV..... Nice!
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