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Tips for hunting in St. Croix county?

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Hello, this is only my second year mushroom hunting. I live in hudson in st. Croix county. I did not grow up in hudson so I am not well versed on the area. By no means am I asking where to go but but if someone has any tips on this area that would be great. I have only tried the nearby state park. Advice welcome
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They are my fav too! Thanks! They are made out of wool.
Here is our ramp haul from today! Not bad for two first timers, found about a third of a pound! It's super cold out and I have to go to work now ....

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Old Elm

I am new to posting but have read it for 2 years. I live in New Richmond and would like to meet up some time. How can we get together? I love the woods and the hunt.
Absolutely wisooner, we could meet @ the burkhardt coop station( Ya know it?) @ an agreed time & day. Have you had any success in the past couple years? Been out this year @ all?

Chelina, nice ramps today, YUMMIE!!

I just happened upon this site while checking out Mother Earth News guide to hunting Morels. What a strange coincidence that I am also a resident of Hudson and brand new to this forum. I don't know the first thing about foraging techniques and am just beginning my research. I was planning on lurking for a while but Chelina's post just jumped out at me. Keep the good advice coming. I'm also reading along.
Sooo cool you live in hudson too! Good luck this season, I was new to mushroom hunting last year and now I'm just hooked. As you can see from above ramps are already out! If you are itching to get out there like we were.
Old Elm

Say the day and time. This weekend or after 4:30 during the week. Its too early this year for the shrooms and asparagus but its coming up fast. I know the place and could meet you there. I have been out calling in turkeys. In the past I have found some morels but really got into the fall mushrooms as well. Would like some advice so I don't eat the wrong thing. Let me know.
Old elm sorry hope I didn't start something. But you are the Old Elm.
Wisooner, how about this Sunday (26Th) @ 3:00 for some scouting?
Chelina - I am interested in buying some of those you have a shop, etsy? Thank you!
BTW I am not from St Croix area - se wi....waiting...... next weekend headed down to IL to see what I can find! Good Luck everyone!
I would be happy to make a special order for you and ship them. I don't have an etsy shop. I normally sell at an art gallery here in town. I currently don't have any made but we can talk colors and type of mushroom. They rage in price from $20-$35 depending on the type of mushroom. Let me see if i can sent you my contact info
Old Elm

Sunday at 3pm at the Burhhart gas station on th e west side of town. Sound like a winner?
Wisooner, 3:00 it is, that would be the CENEX Coop.
See you at 3, I will be driving a white pickup with a shell. Look forward to it!
Spent a few hours in the woods today, didn't find any mushrooms (wishful thinking) but found another haul of ramps!

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Old elm you and wasooner. Did you get lost ? How goes it? Probably still out in the thorn!
Anyone having luck in the st. Croix/ pierce co? Yet? Old elm? Anyone? I haven't been out in a week.
I'm new to this too and my second year hunting. Nothing found yet, I usually look near me, I'm in Star Prairie. Sometimes I go further north and along the st Croix river. Was on the Gandy dancer trail near Centuria today. Was wondering if anyone's found anything in st Croix county? I might try and go out in the next few days around Somerset...
Hello all, I was down in St croix county today new richmond, star prairie area today, only found 2 and a bunch of really small babies (had to look real hard to find the small little buggers) in a couple spots I left them to grow,,, yes I left them to now we need some warmer temps so they can grow....
Next weekend should be Prime!
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