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To Pick or Not to Pick?

Discussion in 'Missouri' started by shroominsara, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. shroominsara

    shroominsara Morel Enthusiast

    So while we're all waiting for warm weather, I'd like to know what every ones opinion and/or experience is about leaving mushrooms to spore. When you find a bunch of mushrooms, or even a few, do you leave some even if they're fresh enough to pick or do you pick them all? I've personally never found so many that I wanted to leave any, but I'm always open to learning new things. :)
  2. veronica

    veronica Morel Connoisseur

    I have waited till I get them home and then lay them outside in the shade for a half a day or so, usually half or more will spore that wayand it wont hurt the flavor a bit. That works better than a webbed sack in my opinion.

    Happy Hunting !!!

  3. kawryan

    kawryan Young Morel

    You might want to get looking/picking we got a report from Ava, MO today at http://morelhunters.com/forum/missouri-message-board/19193-southern-missouri-morels-2013