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Today's the day..?

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After lasts nights rain and 70's today I think we could see some morels today, saw various other types of boomers a couple days ago. Anyone else think we'll see some in the omaha area today?
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Not yet my friend.. use this site as tools to see what going on... check out some of the other message boards, cuz shrooms are being collected but much too far to travel... in time the heat will rise and we will get ours.... scour the outskirts and you will find them.... look to past history of collections and times, areas, figue your willingness to travel and contour it to you use google to check out areas as well....but most of all be cool with property owners... you can find gobs in public lands...close to home... BTW im in Omaha too... but have been traveling for the last 2 months scourouring ares between NW IA to NW MO.. the local areas that have produced for me in the past are still kicking just have to get there in the right time... so new tactics are on the menu cuz hunting is what we do...

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