Triangle Area --A little concerned, April 16th 2016

Discussion in 'North Carolina' started by imagemarine, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. imagemarine

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    Found 2 yellows today around my hot spots near Falls Lake Game Lands.
    1'st was full grown-- about 5 inches and 2nd reveled itself once i moved my foot!
    2nd was very small.
    For myself, only finding 2 on April 16th is very very bad. I have accumulated 10-12 very good hot spots over years and I'm not seeing anything! Not good! I've been scouting all my best spots the last few weeks. I'm a little concerned it may not be the best of morel years.
    At the very least I think the season is delayed by a week or 2 due to a couple nights with lows at or near 32F and several with low 40's.
    I really hope I'm wrong and the season is simply delayed. The next 2 weeks will confirm or deny my theory's.
    I'll share my findings the next 2 weekends.
    Happy hunting!
  2. jslwalls

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    Image marine keep your head up. I live in Indiana and I've found mushrooms from March 10th all the way to Mother's Day depending on the weather just to give you a idea of how much the season can vary. Also Google the soil temperature map. You'll see for some reason this year the ground is staying cold in the states surrounding you. Hence the reports coming 1st from the north in the middle of the nation where the ground is warmer. Give it another week you'll be in business.

  3. imagemarine

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    Jslwalls, thanks for the info and encouragement!
    I'm not giving up yet. I still have to make a few homemade Pizza's with pepperoni and fresh Morel's.
    Good luck this season in Indiana.

  4. blueridge72

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    I'm getting a little worried myself. I've checked several spots around the triangle and haven't seen the first shroom yet. Hopefully they'll pop in the next few days, before the weather gets to warm....
  5. just1more

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    Imagemarine and blueridge72, I am having the same results and I am wondering the same if this year is going to be very bad or if they are just really late. By this time in the past I have found 3 or 4 pounds by now at my favorite spots. I went out this past Friday morning and did not find 1 mushroom which is very concerning. I have found only a dozen in the last few weeks and those were all yellows. I have found only 1 grey as of now. Keep me posted on your finds and I will do the same. I am thinking this may be the worst year ever!!