Tuff hunting so far for me

Discussion in 'Kansas' started by Pheasanthunter913, Apr 14, 2017.

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    Went out today and found greys and yellows. Can't seem to get into a good patch. Few here one there. Going to try out by Linwood tomorrow. Haven't found the ticks this year like ones past. Not complaining about that just morel total. Good luck. If its not this weekend. I think it's about done.

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    I haven't even ventured out. The weather has been terrible. Finally some rain today in KC and some warm days. I'll be heading out this weekend for the first time. Normally I would agree it's late, but I think this year we have a couple weeks delay so don't give up.
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    We've been finding them for the past 2 weeks around Lawrence. Yesterday was our best haul yet but covered lots of ground to get them. Lots of ticks this year. They love my daughter more than I (thankfully) BUT the poison ivy likes me the best...lol. So worth the discomfort though. View attachment 5798 View attachment 5798
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    Sorry about double pics. These uploads are frustrating me today!
    Actually.... I'm frustrated because my hernia blew out last night after all the hunting we did. NO MORE SCAVAGING FOR ME THIS YEAR.