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two rivers

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Hello again, its SHROOMWINKLE headed out again to my favorite spot tommorow TWO RIVERS and expect to have the same problem i do every year... find way to many so if you know of anyone looking for some give me a call will post pics tommorow. good look to everyone !!! they are out there
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Will definitely buy some from you. We would prefer to buy fresh.
30lbs might be a week a way but i'm sure i'll have an extra 10 lbs. or so but have to share the love i'll give you a call tommorow afternoon ... still have the same # ?
If you are askin me, yes #'s the same ill take what I can get -pick'n & grin'n!!
i'll give you a call then, after looking through the past week post dont know how tommorow will be, haven't seen the ground yet but like I always say if someone finds 5 i'll find 5 lbs. always the first big bagger in eastern NE ...... get out tomorow or ill get them !!!!
Sounds good...wouldn't be your biggest fan if I didn't know you're the best! ;)
Well let me know also please. We don't want as much as your biggest fan though.
How much you lookin for there luvnmorels?? I'm helping my man Shroomwinkle get rid of some of the 25-30lbs he found today!! Two Rivers!!
Hey got some pictures pending of those morels!! @luvnmorels and biggest fan
If there are any left, I would be interested in buying a couple of pounds?
To finish my last post. I am getting some this weekend from another seller if you have others buying from you.
I know where two river is, grew up around there. Did you know Dick Day?
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