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Wauzeka area question

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I have a relative with private land in the Wauzeka area. Can anyone tell me how the season is going there? I might be going there Memorial Day weekend. My relative can't walk in the woods that much to know so just wanted to get an idea how far the season is. Thanks!!!
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Hi, I live about 10 miles from there and its a great area to hunt. Kinda weird season with weather south side is getting done and will find a lot of older bad ones. North and East facing slopes still with small greys, rain today and 80 Tuesday should explode those cooler facing slopes. Don't generally find by these things but fern and birch will tell you its cool slopes. Look at size of may apples will also tell you the slower growing areas. Good luck!
My relative has many dead elms. Please anyone let me know if things pick up.
I hunt all areas near wauzeka and they are up a lot...found a lot on Monday there but only certain trees...this heat will give the final push this week and you should be good on east and north hills. Hopin you find a lot...I believe you will do very well. you may find some dry ones on south and west sunny areas but need to find heavy covered wooded area that not exposed to direct sunlight...had a great shower on Monday and humid 80 degrees today so shouldn have any trouble
Thanks, unfortunately most of the land is on a southern slope so maybe wait until next year
Got 3 lbs today, pretty much all fresh Greys about 8 big yellows half of those dehydrating material. Can still get good shrooms, still cooler draws and points on south slopes. Heat gonna burn up fast tho. Was gonna post pics but pain on here. Where u live now pop head?
I am in McHenry County in Northern Illinois. It is about done here. I might be able to find some this weekend but that will be about it. It has been a weird season here, found my late spots came up first. Still found a lot this year but not all normal spots produced. It would be a 4 hour drive to my relatives so not worth it. Maybe 2 weeks ago it would have. Last year was really good on their property.
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