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Anyone else been watching the precip totals and forecasts? December precip was a few inches above normal and January is going to close out right around normal after rains today.

Anticipation is killing me this year after a strange season last year.
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I think that your prayers have been answered after this winter storm.I hope that there is a bumper crop for you.I am in Mo.and Im looking for some one there who is wanting to sell some mushrooms (Morels) please let me know if you are intrested or if you know some one who would want to sell some morels when the season gets closer.Here is my # 1-816-261-9512,you can reach me any time at that #,thanks a lot and God Bless.E-mail [email protected]
The weather here is getnn ready bad here. I hope this helps our season and should be melted by the morning. The ground temp here is 35.6. Old Henry
We aren't supposed to get much of the storm here in north central WV. So far in February my local precip is about -60% of where it should be, but the air/soil temps are staying down and extended forecast is showing gradual warm up for the first half of March. Hopefully the rain picks up in March and its a mucky muddy mess.
1"+ of rain in the forecast today...Good way to end a abnormally dry February. Hopefully a sign of things to come in March, rain, rain, and a gradual warm up. I'm about to lose my dang mind waiting....
here in northern kanawha co, weve totaled 3.7" rain for the month of March, not bad, it will help!..need gradual warmup thru April and more showers..nothing close to budding here..(poplar,elm dogwood,etc) ....this time last yr, it was already greenish in the hills. too warm too fast= bad season....looks for this yr to be lots better,..just a couple weeks later than usual.
Brian I am in Harrison county and we are at about the same rainfall totals as you interestly they are just about where we were at this time last year; big difference in temps though.
MBD... I saw somewhere that you are looking around Harrison. I just moved to the Sout Harrison area. I've had a hard time finding morels since I moved to WV from PA 6 years ago. Would you ever consider having a buddy along to search sometime? I think I need a little guidance. I'm not too familiar with this area.
Utopian- send me an email at [email protected]

I can def. try and help ya out. I work in the southern Harrison area as well. I've got good spots in Lewis Co to hunt
I sent you an email yesterday. Hope to hear back from you!
Utopian- Yep, got it. I'll get back to you here soon. I just got back in from a check up on my spots :-D Found a ton of False Morels (Gyromitra). Ground temps were in the low 50's in some spots but very dry for this time of year. Hoping the rain tonite actually hits us and the rain later this week pans out. They should be up by week's end if everything comes together, maybe sooner.

I'll shoot you an email soon.
only .2" of rain here this month so far..(Kanawha Co.)..well below avg...looks like some good precip coming thurs\fri. and then again maybe Monday the 15th. if so, the week of 22nd should be good one.
Went out yesterday in Harrison county and today in Lewis county. I haven't found a thing. I agree a good rain should have them popping.
Ugh....I'm just not feeling it this year again. It's starting to look a lot like last year and this rain that was supposed to hit yesterday went north, now the 1" today has been reduced to about .5". So that will be around .25" more likely.

It's really weird, some of the trees around are blooming, but a lot of the indicators like may apples havent even poked thru yet and i know the soil is in the high 50's and warmer in some areas.

Like I said, 10 days into April and not a drop of rain. We had a good bit of snow, so that may turn out to be our saving grace but It's getting to the critical time around here.

In my opinion, the soil and air temps have been good over the last week and the soil is prime. This shot of rain over the next 24 hours may give us a really nice flush because I've not seen a dang thing yet in my honey holes. I'll be out every two days after this rain to monitor.
i feel your pain MBD!...on a more positive note...a friend posted some pics on FB of a dozen found in Kanawha Co yesterday. just starting to pop-up, and some 2-3 inchers..even this minor rain will help...but with little expected afterward., Saturday the 13th, thru next week may be the best shot around here...maybe the forecasters are wrong and we get more than predicted, the next 7-10 days. im trading in looking for morels this wkend, for some trout fishing in the mtns.
<em>I am hoping that this year is better than last year. The weather was horrible last year, &amp; conversely, the morel hunting was not so good either.</em>
Well we got about .3" as of 5am and it was still raining pretty good. I figure a half inch before its over. I'm waiting til Sunday at the earliest, give them a chance to show themselves after the rain.....
I'm going to slip out on Sunday morning and see what I can see...I'm in Jefferson County, and usually go pokin' around the Appalachian Trail. I'm hoping what little rain we got today lights 'em up...
started checking spots in Preston and Monongalia counties early last week, still nothing....just reading the woods says itll be another week or two....praying it wont be like last year....
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