weird season!?...?

Discussion in 'Michigan' started by mushriddler, May 20, 2014.

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    I am not as happy about this season as I thought I would have been, given what...(seemed to be the best conditions anyone could have dreamed of !?) now that the season is well under way the shrooms don\'t seem to care what we think! I have been out to spots that haven\'t had blonds in years. and there they are.? we had a total of 14 lbs between 6 people and 3 spots today, and not a single dead elm or ash to be seen!. the trees were all cottonwood and box elder...? I think but....... I have NEVER FOUND even one morel in the spot we got almost 3lbs (30-50) big blonds! under a huge sycamore! W>T>F??? dont give up there out there!!