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Thanks Now the board will be nice and family oriented and free of all the negativity. As far as the fall season went or is going for me.......Bad! One smaller Hen and a bunch of old dried up Chickens. This year's drought just did a number to the hunting season. Still on the look out for Oyster's, but even those are hard to find this year. Think I will just resort to growing them indoor's this winter again. Hope all you fellow shroomer's did better than me this fall. Can't complain about the Morel season. I did better than average. Here's to a lot of moisture this winter, spring and summer with perfect temp's, so we can have an insane Morel season 2013. Cheer's! METAL!
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I feel the same way outlawatheart!!! went out for a scout today in carbondale area took some soil temps and for sure will be finding next week. my lowest reading was 47.1 my highest reading was 51.2... soil temps are pretty consistent and trillium are popping up as well as may apples, and trees budding. all signs point for this weekend with the temps we are heading for. I'm sure someone is finding blacks around here but I don't look for them, never really had any luck of finding a good early spot.
I feel that dandelions are the most obscure sign of any! they are so sporadic and I usually start seeing them well before the season hits and well after it ends. to each is own, but I pay little attention to dandelions, now lilacs are a different story.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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