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Welcoming the new site!

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Thanks Now the board will be nice and family oriented and free of all the negativity. As far as the fall season went or is going for me.......Bad! One smaller Hen and a bunch of old dried up Chickens. This year's drought just did a number to the hunting season. Still on the look out for Oyster's, but even those are hard to find this year. Think I will just resort to growing them indoor's this winter again. Hope all you fellow shroomer's did better than me this fall. Can't complain about the Morel season. I did better than average. Here's to a lot of moisture this winter, spring and summer with perfect temp's, so we can have an insane Morel season 2013. Cheer's! METAL!
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Hey all, good to be back for another season! Anticipating a good one around here, the past month has been snowy, we just got rid of 15" of wet snow, the ground is maxed with moisture with plenty of rain and warmer weather in the forecast. Could be the best season since 2008 if the temperatures cooperate! Wet soil should help keep things in check.

Old Henry must have a nice early patch, soil temps are running in the mid 40s down that way. Should light up later next week for S IL!

Good luck shroomers!
I agree with old henry, the dandelions are the best indicator plant. They key is looking for them in open areas, not along sidewalks or buildings. Once you see yards turning yellow, the morels should be up. Dandelions bloom at the same temperature range that morels fruit at...
Oops, meant to say Papa Smurf, quoted the wrong poster!

But yeah, I've found the dandys to be the most consistent, I've seen some years where the bush and tree indicators like redbud or lilac can be a bit off. Another reliable one if you're in the woods is mayapples. Once they unfurl the blacks show up and when they get nice and tall and bloom the yellows are out.

Won't be long now around here, I think by mid week the first blacks will fruit. We need some rain after this stretch of wind and low humidity though, but the forecast looks great.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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