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Western PA Morels For Sale

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I went out this past Sunday, May 18th and found 250 beautiful morels (mixture of small/medium greys & medium/large yellows). It is a great year in my usual places for finding morels... they are running about 2 weeks behind schedule AND there were many that were left behind to grow a bit. If you are looking for morels and are located in the Western PA area... let me know! The 250 are already eaten, gifted, and/or being dried... but I can go out this week and do some fresh morel picking for you and let you know exactly what I find. If you are willing to pay the extra cost for shipping within the continental U.S., I am willing to ship them as well. I might be able to find some ramps as well, if you are interested. Reply to the post or send me an email at [email protected] Happy morel dreams everyone!
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How many are you interested in? Price will vary a bit depending on how many you would like. I travel quite a bit... Cranberry Township area up to Grove City Outlet area. Where are you located? When are you interested in getting the morels... so I can have enough time to pick them. Let me know and I can get back to you with additional info.
Bob, I'm very sorry to say I went out today looking for morels were I found them this past Sunday and didn't even find a handful. Conditions might change in the next few days, so I might be able to find more... if you want to email me so I can contact you please do so at [email protected]
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