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What's Going On???

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I don\'t do or understand Facebook either...and its a shame more Sh\'roomers aren\'t using this site. But I\'m curious as to any results in that U P burn area. I had planned a trip there this year but haven\'t been able to do any serious sh\'roomin\' at all this year due to family, dental and medical challenges, opportunities, and/or problems. Maybe next year...but I sure would like to know if anything is happening up there. A couple years ago we traveled over to the Meridian Boundry Fire Area, Southwest of Mio that happened in 2010 and musta hit it at the wrong time as we didn\'t find anything except lots of ant I\'m wondering if huntin\' burn areas is as good as I heard it was.
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Found these on the paths today 6/28/2014 in Oscoda County. Just starting out.

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Test with video

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Not sure how to use this site, can anyone help me? I can not see current posts


Cammie64, you should be able to see Posts, you are able to post .l
Well we hunted hard for the last 3 days and didn't catch any! Checked all the old spots...6 in all...all kinds of woods and ground...NOTHING YET!!! I think we're a little early...maybe next week!
Anybody else got anything to report???
Jack, Are you in need of some extra cash for boat repairs? If the post on the southern board is you think twice about becoming a counter fitter. Id like to meet with you again sometime but at Talley's not the state pen. LOL
mmh. not me , just another Spammer. I marked it as Spam so it should be gone
I like to do crossword puzzle's and in the last three weeks, twice I have had the clue "a type of mushroom" and the answer was "Morel" I think its time.
Jack , I watched your 2014 Mushroom Camp video. We park a couple of hundred yards past the camp site where the trail bottoms out and on the right hand side there is a good parking place for a tailgate lunch. We hunt between that trail and the one to the south. but in your video you show that the ash is being cut so we continue to look for greener pastures. Good luck to all and may your "mesh" bags be full. MMH
I imagine they cut more this winter too. I'll check it out when it dries up some.
Crafting some new gear for 2016 what do you guys think? Lookin good?

Here is a link to the shop, This new camo is being displayed on a brand new material. It is a Micro Polyester Mesh - Spore Friendly !

This camo is also available in my double panel nylon Heavy Duty Mesh bags. Maximum size is 12 x 18.

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Jack, My brother is up there somewhere. He was at my house last Sunday and showed me his new 4-wheeler. He had talked about going up north but didn't say he was going. My father received a picture on his phone Friday showing a narrow trail with two tracks through it. We assume that is my brother scouting new territory. I have posted before that I wear shorts all winter long and I normally hunt in a tank top and shorts as long as the temp. is above 55. My nutty brother does the same but also is barefoot. I swear we live in houses and not caves or burrows in the ground. Its time to get nutty, hunt anyway that is comfortable

Any predictions for the northern michigan season ? Looks like a lot of places are starting early. You think michigan will be early as well ?
Follow me as I scout and harvest morels this year in some of my best spots.

Weekly uploads and updates with tips and tricks on how to find those great Morel spots.

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