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I checked my Mushroom spot today... I usually only pick Morels in the spring, but was curious what else is around. Took just pictures as I am not sure what most of these are. I think one is a bolette of some kind but again, not sure. I did pick one that I thought was a small piffball but when I cut it open it was black inside, I think it is an Earthball which was listed as poisonous. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am in southeast Michigan, Novi area, northwest of Detroit. View attachment 40189
This one had gills under the cap

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There were several patches of these, also some more orange, almost red with a mushy kind of stem

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Several logs like this in the area, they are an inch and a half to two inches across...

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Close up of one, several more below. The cap is about an inch across

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The next few are what I think might be bolettes, most are only about an inch tall right now, the big one is about 3 inches tall.
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Found a few colonies of these, very small yet, could they be young maitake?

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These look like a type of oyster Mushroom, but they are growing one at a time out of the
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