What will this cold weather do?

Discussion in 'Ohio' started by jdk32581, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. jdk32581

    jdk32581 Morel Connoisseur

    Anyone have any experience or opinions on what effect a late April cold snap will have on the morel season? I would guess it may help extend the blacks a little but will it hurt the grey/yellow season? Make the yellows better? Later?

    I have not been hunting morels long enough to have any frame of reference for varying weather conditions over multiple seasons or mental notes of the results?
  2. jacknash711

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    I believe the recent cold snap will slow/stop them but a big warm up will cause them to pop out of the ground.

  3. imfubar

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    This cold is doing my clark county patches good, i already checked them over the weekend most of which are from 1 to 2 inches and will check them weekly till they are fully matured and grown. I have hunted the clark county area for 35 years and the best and longest seasons are ALWAYS colder. Only why i even check them this early is cause i live in indiana and can only check every week or more. Good luck and happy hunting