when is peak season

Discussion in 'Iowa' started by bdahms, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. bdahms

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    i have found roughly 3lbs is all this season- all G's and no yellows - but the soil is pretty dry and the green up is getting pretty advanced. When around central Iowa is the peak for yellows- have we not reached that bell curve yet or are we on the down hill side?
  2. cornfedbridger

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    I have heard that the longer the grey morel season....the better the yellow morel season. It appears we are having a pretty good grey season. I haven't found any yellows yet in central Iowa. If so, the yellows will be coming soon and strong. Also, rain is forecast for much of the week. Plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

  3. fun gus

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    Des Moines area is dry. Lilacs are almost full bloom-the mid season mark and when yellows pop. If we had that two inches of rain like western Iowa it'd be popping hard. Hope we get lots of rain I've had a good start but man things are dry today got only a pound in two hours. The rain in next couple days will make or break the next 10-12 days we have left