Where to find a good shroom bag

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  1. marty mcfly

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    Hey Everybody,

    I haven't been shroomin' very long, but have been fortunate to get some good finds already. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good place to get a mushroom bag at a local retailer. I saw some online, but by the time I ordered one I think the season will be pretty much wrapped up. I was using an old firewood bag this weekend that was a tough mesh, but the holes were too big on it for my liking, I think it was hard on the morel caps, and it also tended to snag a lot on the undergrowth as I walked through the woods. I think I might just use an old pillow case if I go out today.
  2. marty mcfly

    marty mcfly Morel Enthusiast

    oops, I meant to put this in the Minnesota general discussion forum. If a moderator sees this can you move it there? Thx

  3. morel rat

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    <span style="color: blue">go to the dollar store, they have laundry bags for cheap.
    they have holes in them
    so good luck!</span>
  4. mmh

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    Marty,Mc. mesh onion or mesh orange bags work well and can easily be folded,stuck into a pants pocket so you can take a couple into the woods to hopefully be prepared for the mother lode. good luck and may you bags be full