wild mushroom growing times

Discussion in 'North Dakota' started by emkriebs, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. emkriebs

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    What is the growth season for Morels in Bis/Man area of ND? what other wild mushrooms grow is this area? How do I find out growth times for wild mushrooms around this area?
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    Hi guys! We're getting close to morel season here in the midwest. So excited! Check out my new youtube video where I share my first morel story. I'm not the best story teller haha. It would be fun to hear your first morel story so check out my video and share in the comments section on my youtube or submit it via video comment on my youtube! Can't wait to hear from you guys.


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    Here we go again....anyways, I personally look for lilacs starting to bud and start heading out. Also about the "2nd mow of the lawn". Around Biz I know people search river bottoms some. Usually sandier areas. Looks for downed/dead Elm trees, they are, IMO, the best for locating morels. They are dang hard to spot the first times and take a while to learn the eye for it. Good luck