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Will county morels 2014

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I couldn't find a thread for the Will County area so I figured if start one. Has anyone found any morels yet? I've been out quite a bit and haven't seen any. Low night time temps and slow change to nice weather is putting a damper on things. My initial guess was beginning of may hopefully that happens. Temps this week are going to be between 55-70ish. With several chances for rain. Post some pics and sightings when you find some ill do the same!
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Will county. That over by Chicago? I found a few today on opposite side of the State. ( Whiteside Co. ) I do have pics on my phone.
Yea south and west of cook county(Chicago) basically. Usually good picking. It will heat up anytime now. Last season I got 250+ all
New spots also. Got pushed out of my old spots due to competition and did great. Some from last year... These were found may 1 2013. This years gonna be a little later here.

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im over in hammond and havnt seen a thing yet, noone i know has, they they hopefully this week
Avidangler if you are looking for a hunting buddy let me know! I just moved to will and am a pretty experienced hunter!! Would love to cover some ground and discover some new spots. I have a few in mind!
They are up here in will county. Found 10 today 2 blonds and 8 small greys. Early and small still but first time out. Found them in
Direct sunlight off a road. Picked the blonds and left the greys to grow this week. Happy hunting.[email protected]/

Here you go. I've been following this site for a long time now, I find over 15 lbs per year. I don't need to make up stories about finding them.
This message was meant to inform those who care that they can be found up here. If I had a newspaper I would answer your request for a picture. I live in glen ellyn and work in will county and find all of my morels in one piece of private land. I have found them in this spot as early as end of March 2012. If you feel the need harass and name call that I am finding morels than so be it. Leave the foul and rude language with all those mushrooms you are missing. Again happy hunting everyone.
I believe you ShedHunter. I know its still too early, but you could have found some flukes, especially in direct sunlight where the ground warms up faster. I can't believe how fast some of the plant life has taken off from this rain the last 48 hours. I'm gonna check a couple early spots of mine this weekend to see how things are shaping up. I wouldn't be surprised to find a couple micro's myself?
I just saw a picture last night with a newspaper on a facebook group of some yellows found in Lasalle county. if they are up in Lasalle they are up in Will, Dupage & Cook. Ill be hunting this week during lunch from work in Dupage & Will counties and this weekend in Lasalle!!!!!
I got a pic from a friend last night her friend found 2 small ones in the area. I know it's close I'm sure there's some up but I haven't seen any. The first groups always the hardest.

I went out today at lunch on the Cook/Will county border and got these.

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You caught me. I actually picked these in Kentucky and drove 12 hrs to the south suburbs to take a photo of 4 small mushrooms just to try to convince you that they were up in the area. I do apologize,
Nice finds rubbertoe. I just posted on the DuPage board. They are just coming up, small like you said, I left the 5 I found to pick hopefully this weekend if nobody finds them? 2 small greys and 3 very small yellow's. I can shoot a live documentary and post it on youtube with dates and times if no one believes me, lmao! The haters are out again I see......
I cut a dozen off on Sunday. Heading back out Thursday, they are up guys but just starting.
YES!!!!!! :mrgreen: I have been watching for signs of hope since the snow started melting!!!! Going out with the family ASAP!!!! Thanks for the post everyone! Hope to show pictures soon!!! :cool:
Jmiff is a s#!tbum loser that can't find any morels so he'd rather troll and harrass people on a mushroom forum. Real classy guy...get a life, pal.

Nice early finds. Warmth is on the way next week!
Found 245 greys in will county just yesterday. They're out you just gotta have the eye
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