Wow! What a year!

Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by shroomanitutanka, May 15, 2014.

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    I cannot believe the abundance of morels bestowed upon us this year! IEvery time I've gone out, I come home with more than I could ever wish for. The rain combined with cool nights & warm days, have been more than I could have ever have dreamed of. The last few days in the hills have seen my visions of my mushroom dreams brought to fruition! If you can take the time, and walk with ease, you too will thank Wakan Tanka for all that has been left for us to harvest! In 45+ years of traipsing the woods, I can count on one hand how good this year has been. I walked with 2-5 gallon buckets and had to return to my truck to unload all that I had found. It is definitely towards the end of the season, as many are the size of my forearm. If you go now & at least through the weekend, I pray that you to will be blessed with morels to last until next year!
    Happy picking to all & see you next year on the boards!
    Shroomanitutanka obwa Che yelo!
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    Great post brother our Heavenly Father has not blessed me with as many morels as you but has definitely blessed me with more than I've ever picked. It's not easy picking here in lincoln but I'm not complaining. Thank you for all your tips and advice. Wakan Tanka lives.