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Yeah you know me!

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I went out on Sunday and picked some of the early poppers, left a lot, all in all I picked 4.5 lbs. all of you buyers better get a hold of me on here, no cell right now. Randy, Dan, Paul, Mike, and Mary I am taking bids and you all know I am good for 700-1000 lbs per season.
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dwnbtmboy, Man you must have some great spots on the Rez. I used to come up there many years ago before so many people cared about morels. You guys have preserved the biggest most beautiful stand of old timber on the entire N. Missouri River. Thank You. Don't get to go in anymore, just walking around looking at all the huge tree's was worth the time. Good luck this year. By the way Dan and RJ are friends of mine.. What do you think I would do near the border area if I came north?
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