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Your first morel experience??

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I think i was 13 playing in the woods. One of my friends said wow what kind of mushroom is that? It was a good size yellow about the size of a pop can but i did not know what it was either so we picked it and took it to grandmas house.
When we walked through the front door grannys eyes lit up and she said...Where did you get that morel? We said in the woods about 15min walk straight out the old logging road. As she was putting on her shoes she told us to get some bags from the cabinet and grab her walking stick. After about an hour we had filled grannys bag and she showed us what kind of trees to look for and which slopes to look on. Then we went back to her house and she washed and fryed them in butter. Ive been hooked ever since and still find yellows in that same patch. Its definatly my fav patch because three years later granny passed away and every time i stop and pick a shroom there i hear grannys voice in the back of my mind saying...WHERE DID YOU GET THAT MOREL
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My first morel experience actually didn't happen till i was in my college years. Me and Amanita were trout fishing in western maryland and were walking down a trail along the riverbottom full of old poplars. I don't recall what made us go over to one of them and look but there were 3 or 4 small grey's growing in a row along the root line. "these must be those mushrooms that are called morels that people say are so good." don't remember how many trout we caught that day but the one thing i do remember is that wonderfull taste we both experenced that has got us both hooked from that day on.
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